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Spring Wings Birds Festival

Written April 7th, 2013  


May 17-19, 2013

Local birders will have a front-row seat to one of nature’s most impressive migrations when Spring Wings Festival kicks off at Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge May 17-19. Spring Wings celebrates the more than 280 species of birds that stop off in the wetlands outside of Fallon as part of a long migration north to summer breeding grounds in Northern Canada and Alaska.

The Spring Wings Festival is held in conjunction with International Migratory Bird Day, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife-recognized celebration of conservation and bird migration. The sheer magnitude of the annual bird migration along the Pacific Flyway is staggering. Millions of birds travel all or part of the way between feeding grounds as far south as Patagonia and breeding grounds as far north as the Arctic tundra. Millions stop in the Lahontan Valley each spring to rest and feed before continuing north.

Guided bird-watching tours will visit Stillwater Wildlife Refuge, which has received national and international recognition as one of North America’s premier bird-watching locations. Other Spring Wings events include family events, educational workshops, craft activities, food and vendors. Parents and children can learn about everything from birds of prey to the ancient history of the Great Basin in interactive presentations featuring live birds and well-known experts.

Spring Wings attendees can choose from various birding-focused guided tours throughout the Lahontan Valley beginning Friday afternoon and continuing through Sunday morning. There will be a full day of free educational activities, exhibits and family fun at Churchill County Fairgrounds Municipal Building on Saturday, May 18. All Spring Wings events begin at Churchill County Fairgrounds. For more information about the Spring Wings Festival and to register for tours, go to