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      Fallon Young Entrepreneur Center
      Whether you own your own business or are planning on starting a new one, I welcome entrepreneurs in all forms to the City of Fallon and Young Entrepreneurs Collective Co-Working Space. This new space offers resources for aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare, write business plans and ultimately begin working. It also offers existing business owners a location to step outside of the office to brainstorm, collaborate and further their business knowledge.
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      [Photo] Mayor Tedford and Governor Sandoval welcome guests at the Co-Working Space Kickoff.
      Summer Concert Series
      The Churchill Arts Council presents a summer full of concerts and events. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up this summer. ( more > )
      Diana McFadden Named Employee of the Quarter
      Employee of the Quarter, Diana McFadden, is an important part of the Convention Center team and a true asset to the City. ( more > )
      Have Great Photos of the City of Fallon?
      We’d love to see photos of your favorite local spots, from sunsets to open fields, to showcase how beautiful our home is. Submit photos to visitfallon@gmail.com along with your name and where the photo was taken. ( more > )
      Courtyard Café & Bakery
      At Courtyard Café, they are passionate about the pure pleasure that mouth-watering pastries, delicious foods and warm hospitality can bring to any day.
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